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Rox Burkey & Charlotte Canion

Are you Interview Ready?



Authors look for exposure to readers as well as reusable content for their marketing. Interviews are a powerful way to achieve this. Today’s people prefer video interviews to get to know authors better. The course will help you prepare for interviews you might do with Indie Beacon Radio & Indie Authors TV as a part of Texas Authors & Indie Beacon and allow you to use for other interviews.



  • PC or Laptop Requirements
  • Bring your smart devices
  • How you look (tips on makeup, hair, jewelry)
  • What’s behind you (set up your space to optimize marketing your product)
  • Questions you like asked that you can provide in advance (workbook for you to complete and share with hosts)
  • Overcoming fears (things to avoid on a live interview)
  • Practicing in advance
  • Role playing by pairs (depending on the size of the crowd several target interviews)


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Rox Burkey provides workshops and speeches on Customer Experience optimization. She is an active member of Texas Authors and at events you can see her talking to people and sharing some of the benefits of Texas Authors. She is one of the hostesses of DEAR Texas and passionate about people networking and collaborating.

Charlotte Canion is a multi-faceted modern woman who combines the most useful ideas from her experience to help others. She has been the owner of several businesses and as a creative writer has published articles all over the world. Recently, Charlotte won the prestigious title of “One of the TOP 50 Author You Should Be Reading”.

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Room: Saint Mary's Room