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Chelsea Richards- 10:30 AM

Print is Dead: Why Print Ads Fail and What to Do Instead 2016
With the rise of mobile devices and the ease of buying online, audiences are now increasingly online. Do you know how to adapt to the "brave new world" of digital marketing and advertising?
Staff Member Magdalene, from Greenleaf Book Group was interviewed by B. Alan Bourgeois for Tough Talk Radio explaining in Chelsea's session.  Click here to listen.
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The days of print advertising are past: digital advertising offers unique opportunities to reach more specific audiences and more quickly convert them into a click, sales, subscribe, or like.

In this session, we'll explore why print advertising is falling out of favor, explain the advantages of digital advertising opportunities, and begin to determine where your target audiences may be based on their anticipated behavior and demographics. We'll also cover the basics of copywriting, detail strategies that can amplify the success of any online ad, and explain how to interpret and apply resulting metrics to future ad campaigns.
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Room: Capital Ballroom F&G