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IF you would have asked the younger Danielle A. Vann what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have undoubtedly answered at the tip top of my voice, A WRITER! Many of my childhood days were spent creating characters and writing short stories. Somehow, the love of writing was breathed into my soul at birth. Really, I think that is what happened!

That love took me into the world of television news at the tender age of eighteen. My first “grown-up” job was as a scriptwriter for NBC’s NewsChannel 4 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As my passion grew, so did my affection for everything about the news business, including the weather. Still to this day, when a good storm is brewing I get an itch to go stand outside and watch the thunder roll.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism at the age of 21, I landed a job as a Reporter and Evening News Anchor in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Louisiana’s deep-rooted culture was truly a world away from my hometown, but instantly, I knew the Bayou State was where I suppose to be. When I wasn’t working on the evening or morning news, courting my then soon-to-be husband, I was sharpening my skills as a writer.

After my husband, Todd Vann, and I married, we moved around a bit, I went back to school and got a second degree in Marketing, and eventually settled into a quaint home in the Lone Star State (Texas, for those of you that don’t bleed Texas blood), and had three beautiful children.

Writing is not my only passion. I love flowers, gardening, creating huge events, and cooking. I’m even a certified florist! Yet, no matter what job I tried, the love of writing and creating has always had a way of beckoning me back.

My best source of inspiration comes from my very own children, Delaney, Madison, and Chappell. When you add their dad in mix, all the sudden their wild, zany, perfectly hysterical antics become another book idea.


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