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Alaska to Zanzibar: A Talk About Literary Locations 2016


Jef Van Der Avoort - 2 PM

Alaska to Zanzibar: A Talk About Literary Locations 
Jef Van der Avoort is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Squirl, the first location-based book discovery app.
Born in Belgium, he has lived and worked on three different continents. While reading 'On the Road’ by Jack Kerouac, he found himself looking up places from the book. He thought there must be something out there which connects readers, books and places in a fun and engaging way. There wasn’t. Together with his Houston-based business partner he invented Squirl.
Jef has a background in advertising and product development for brands like LEGO, Coca Cola and Philips, and applies this knowledge to bring books closer to people.
Click here to listen to Tony Gambone interview Jef Van Der Avoort as they talk about Squirl and its value to Authors.

Panel members are:

Brenda Blair, author of Because of the Camels

B. Alan Bourgeois, author of GAPH, Extinguishing the Light, Spirit Never Dies

(More to Come)

Handouts: No

Room: Capital Ballroom F&G