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Nathan Rimel - 11 AM

Why eBooks Can be a Great Marketing Tool


eBooks are one of the cheapest forms of advertising that an author has.  This seminar will discuss the pro's and con's of using your eBook as a marketing tool to gain readership.

Tony Gambone interviewed Nathan Rimel on Tough Talk Radio about his presentation at the Celebration of Authors Event.  Click here to listen.

Detail Course Information:

  1. E Book Publishing 
  1. General Information 
  1. The Process of Publishing an Ebook 
  1. Advantages of Placing you Ebook on Multiple Sites 
  1. Little fish in big pond 
  1. Getting your book in front of potential customers 
  1. Conversion /Impulse buy 
  1. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure 
  1. E Books and Marketing Platforms 
  1. Social Media 
  1. Youtube Channel  
  1. Reviews/ Star Ratings 
  1. Author Home page 


  1. Maximizing Your Digital Ebook 
  1. Highlighting You Work 
  1. Bundling with Hard Copy 
  1. Multiple File Format outputs  
  1. Images Vs No Images 
  1. Total Page Length 
  1. Setting Price Point  
  1. Know Your Demographics 
  1. Do the research 
  1. Closing Remarks 
  1. Key Point Overview 


Handouts: Yes

Room: Capital View Terrace