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Roger Leslie, PhD – 9:30 AM

Check Them Out: How to Generate Support from Authors’ Greatest Advocates: Librarians



With a pervasive and enthusiastic presence, public and school librarians are among authors’ greatest advocates. Librarians follow acquisition standards and know reading trends that can help writers decide what topics to write about, what content to include, and what marketing approaches will impress an audience whose support can generate impressive sales and lucrative speaking engagements.

Tony Gambone interviews Roger Leslie about his session.  Click here to listen.

Detailed Pitch:

All librarians take an oath to provide patrons with access to information and to develop a balanced collection on topics relevant to their patrons. Discover simple but essential aspects to include in your books to make them justifiable purchases for librarians and to help your books stand out among other similar titles to get librarians buzzing about you and your work.

            Further, librarians are often enthusiastic about getting authors to do presentations in their public and school libraries. Unlike book store events, these author visits are usually paid speaking engagements that resonate long-term and have the potential to promote current and future books. Even better, librarians advertise your events to their patrons and the community at large, providing authors a vast forum to become known and to be recognized in the field about which you write.

            Learn from a career librarian what librarians must have to get your books into their collection, and how you can use their extensive knowledge to market your current books, and even discover what future projects with built-in marketability you might consider writing next.

            Dr. Roger Leslie not only won awards as the sole librarian on a campus of nearly 3,600 patrons, but he has also written many books about creating dynamic library programs and teaching success strategies and strong character. His biographies tie in with secondary school curriculum, and his fiction and nonfiction serve as relevant collection resources for research, information, and leisure reading. Known worldwide for his research and teaching of character development and personal success, Leslie also is a leader among librarians for teaching graduate level library science courses and presenting at state, national, and international education conferences.

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Room: Capital Ballroom F&G